HOT History


We are still uncovering this unique cabin’s history, but so far this is what we know. . . The cabin was built by hand. Originally, it had no running water or electricity and it was the owner’s full time home. The owners cooked and heated using a wood stove – seen in pictures we have. Originally, the cabin had a second floor with bedrooms. It also had a rooftop sitting area where the owners and friends would hang out and watch the stars.


Sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, the parents went away for the 4th of July weekend. The son(s) decided to throw a party while the parents were away. A friend came to the door with a lit cigarette in his mouth. The owner’s son chastised the friend and said, “You know my mom would kill you if she saw you with that cigarette in here.” To which, the smoker, took the cigarette and casually flicked it outside… landing in a box of firecrackers… in 20 minutes the cabin was a raging inferno.

And, that fire is why we don’t allow smoking or flammable ANYTHING in the cabin or outside near the cabin.


After the fire, it was rebuilt with the same old school methods – taking trees from the land, stripping the bark, and hand-hewn craftsmanship. Then, sadly, the owner’s experienced health issues and moved away to be closer to health providers, thereby abandoning the log cabin for decades. Nature took it back. Neighbors describe it as looking like a haunted house – dark and hidden by the overgrowth of vines and trees. Inside, birds and wild animals made themselves at home!


In 2018, brave souls decided to bring it back to its original glory. They first had to cut back a thick blanket of overgrowth of vines and trees just to get near the cabin. Once inside, they cleared out the birds and wildlife, power washed and began to slowly bring it back to habitable. They did an amazing job of blending the old with the new – using repurposed pallet wood in the guest bath, the dining room ceiling is from an old local church, logs that needed replacement or repair were created by cutting down trees and stripping the logs – just like the original owners did.

The 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and laundry were added to the main cabin during the remodel - and offer all the modern amenities – granite counters, double sinks in bathrooms, huge walk-in showers with massaging stone floors, tall ceilings, and hardwoods.